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About adding support for anonymous SASL login

Hi wroot (and other Spark developers),

Do you think it is useful to support anonymous SASL login since OpenFire already supports it? There are clients supporting this feature (e.g., Gajim) so I think it might be a good feature for Spark. I am also interested in working on it, if this is not a bad idea.

Seems like a good idea to me, please submit a Pull Request against our github repository. Thanks!

I am not a developer Well, as there wasn’t anyone else i stepped in to help move this project on and i occasionally mess with the code. But we don’t have real java developers here working on Spark (except for a few months, when Guus helped move Spark to Smack 4).

I’m not sure i understand what SASL anonymous is, but why not. If it is useful for somebody. As Daryl said, you can submit a PR on Github (or a patch file here). I have filed a JIRA ticket for this [SPARK-1852] Add anonymous SASL login support - IgniteRealtime JIRA

Btw, doesn’t Smack have to have such support also? Though i’m sure 4.x version already has this.

Looks like Smack has it [SMACK-84] Add support for ANONYMOUS SASL - IgniteRealtime JIRA

Hi @wroot and @Daryl Herzmann,

Thanks for your reply and creating the JIRA ticket. Yes, I was glad to see Smack already supports anonymous login, so adding that to Spark is relatively easy. I’ve got it working preliminarily and will create a PR soon.

Changes merged. Thanks, Jerry.