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About Audith logs

Hello there!

I´ve found something odd. The conversation log is fine when is from an Openfire user to another Openfire user, but when an Openfire user receives an answer from an external user (MSN, for instance), it just logs what the Openfire user typed but not the answer from the external user.

Is it by design?

Thank you very much,


PS.: Once again, this tool rocks!!!

What log are you referring to? =) The enterprise plugin’'s logging? Open Archive? iBall? Something else?

Sorry, my bad.

We are using Openfire free, and enabled audit log under “Message audit Policy” with “Audit Message Packets” option. It would be nice if we could have all the conversations logged, not just what is happening inside the company.



Hrm. I talked with Gato about this in the past. The mechanism I’‘m using to send messages through openfire -should- be logging things but it sounds like it’'s back to misbehaving? Sigh. GATE-293

ok, let’'s wait.


What version of openfire are you running? I just tested with 3.3.2 and both ways are logging properly. (the logs don’'t appear immediately, there appears to be some form of delay that occurs before ‘‘chunks’’ are written out to the logs)

I’‘m using 3.3.2. The thing is that there’'s no report of answers from users who are not Openfire users (MSN as I said). So, lets say something like this viewed by LogViewer 1.1:

July 17, 2007 09:02:38:751 AM Mary:

How are my dear?

July 17, 2007 09:03:15:839 AM Mary:

Oh, good to know. How about yestarday?

July 17, 2007 09:04:35:952 AM Mary:

Yes, you’'re right.

And so on…

As you can see, there’'s no trace of answers received from the person who Mary was talking to. This is what is happening.

There’'s no answer from any MSN users in any log, just what Openfire users typed.


That’‘s so bizarre! Everything is being logged for me! We’‘re running basically the same thing! I didn’‘t use LogViewer though, I looked at the raw audit logs and the enterprise log viewer plugin and also open archive and all of them seem to be fine! I’‘m clearly not implying that you are lieing I’‘m just baffled as to what’'s different about our systems!

hummm… never mind. I think that LogViewer is the bad guy here. Maybe bacause of this “garbage” before messages sent from MSN users, it does not recognize it as a valid message and supress it from viewing.

Well, I’'m sad to say that we were forced to stick to another solution due to issues found in Openfire during our tests. The other solution is still under Jabber, but the company decided to use something that already has what we need. Things like:

  • A proper log viewer (conversations in special) in real time.

  • Control over users contacts - this is something I asked for in here but was told it should not be possible as a free resource.

  • No need of Java to run.

And some other things that didn’'t went well for me and Openfire. I am really sorry, because I really like this tool.

Anyway, thank you very much for your attention and patience.

Good luck,


=) Well I’'m glad it was narrowed down as to what was going on! Sorry to hear about not going with openfire but hey, gotta go with what works for ya! Take care!