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About jivemessager database table?

I am a new developer for smack and jivemessager!

what relation about jiveID, jiveUser and jiveRoster . jiveGroup ,jiveRosterGroups ,jiveGroupUser ???

getRoster in smack can only obtain jiveRoster! coud it obtain jiverUser ???

What you might want to look into is doing a search. You will need the search plugin from the plugins page, which will allow you to search the users. If you are looking to create groups in a top-down approach you will want to look into shared groups in the admin console. If you could provide a little more info on what you are hoping to acomplish we might be able to help you out a little more.


thank you,but how to use the Search.jar plug-in with the Smack API?could you give a Example? thanks

The latest nightly builds of smack include support for using search. If you download and build them you will be able to use smack to interact with the Search Plugin.

is it to use ServiceDiscoveryManager to discovery Jivemessager plug-in?


ServiceDiscoveryManager discoManager = ServiceDiscoveryManager.getInstanceFor(connection);

DiscoverItems discoItems = discoManager.discoverItems(“service name”);???

is it OK???

I am not sure if the search plugin registers itself with service discovery, though I would think you would be able to see search as a capability of the server.


who has the search user examples?