About LDAP connection


I need to establish LDAP connection for users management.

In the LDAP connection, does Openfire perform autentication or verification against repository?

This is important for password change process.

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Openfire authenticates against the LDAP. It also does not have the ability allow users to change their LDAP information, password included. Its connection is read only. If the password is cahnged via some other means (at login of the computer) then the openfire authentication changes too.

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The Novell LDAP repository counts the autentication attempts.

In the Openfire LDAP reading, do the attempts count?

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I just got done testing this and Openfire login failure attempts are counted against LDAP. I run SLES SP2 and could clearly see the system logging failed attempts as I toyed with the Base DN and Group DN settings.


I did try the authentication process and the Novell LDAP Repository counts the attempts.

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