About legal issuses with using Openfire


I am new to open source world and not familiar with open source license. So I need your help.

My company is a web site, we need a support team to answer questions of customers and wan to use openfire server and spark client.

If I want to use openfire + fastpath + spark + webchat in my company (not for sale), is there any legal issues?

If I want to modified some sources of openfire or fastpath or spark or webchat and use them in my company(not for sale), is there any legal issues?



Openfire, Spark, Webchat are under Apache licence http://apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0. You can use it commercially. Please review the licence for details.

You can modify code and sell service for this product. You can not sell the software. It is considered “good practice” to contribute bug fix and features to the product. And to participate actively in the community.

Thanks a lot!