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About Spark install file's size is so smaller?

The Spark’s install file contains jre is only 28M,anyone can tall me the method why it’s compress rate is so small?thank you!

Is it small? JRE from Sun page is of 14 MB size. Of course in Spark setup could be not all binaries and libraries, but only those needed for running Spark.

wroot,thank you you reply!Where I can get a 14M jre ,ino found it,can you give me a link?Do you attention that ,in the spark’s install folder it contains a 77M’s Jre,and spark’s total size is 104M,so i think it contain a complete JRE! I want konw how make a install file smaller than 30M from a 104M’s project or how to get a smaller Jre but no lost it’s function,anyone can tell me?Thanks!

Howdy! There’s a number of things related to the size difference. First off, if you downloaded the JDK instead of just the JRE, then you have all of the developer pieces as well. Beyond that, the version of the JRE that we bundle is stripped of all of the stuff that isn’t needed. Off the top of my head I can’t tell you what is stripped. I manually did the strip one day so I remember deleting a lot, but it’s been a bit and I have forgotten what all I changed. =/

Daniel, still there is some good compression of setup file. But probably it’s install4j job.