About the open source license

I’m planning to operate a cloud service with mobile SDK to Apps by hosting modified Openfire and Smack.

Is there any legal or license points I should pay attention to?

Can I hosting the modified Openfire for business usage? Any license should contribute?

Can I distribute the closed source SDK with modified Smack API for business usage? Any license should contribute?


Smack is under the Apache License Version 2.0 and so is Openfire. I can’t comment further because I’m not a lawyer.

Thanks Flow.

But I’m still waiting for the final answer.

Here’s the license, you can show it to your lawyers Apache License, Version 2.0

I don’t think anyone here will give the exact answer about legality. No lawyers here. To me it seems you can do both (providing Apache license and pointing what parts has been changed since the original). But i may be wrong.

Thanks, wroot.