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About the Roster update


My openfire use the mssql database, and close the sign up button in the client, so we make a Webpage for the register,the information is filled into the table “jiveUser”.

And then we make another Webpage for the users choose a sharegroup(have created before), in the code we have added the username to the table “jiveGroupUser”.

it is some wrong. if A sign up before B, the roster of B is include A, but in the roster of A is lost B, sometime the roster of B is none!

we think the roster list could in a table, but we cann’t get it.

help me! is there something to do in the database?



In general, you should consider using the UserService plugin to add accounts and join shared rosters. I think you will see less transient behaviour that way.

When you edit the database, you have to turn down the Openfire cache settings and you may introduce some bad data that Openfire will not like. It is doable tho.

Sorry, my post my not be very helpful to your problem tho.


Hi, akrherz!

Thanks for your help! It’s really about with the Openfire cache settings,after my post 16 hours, all the Roster is normal, haha!

So, I need notice the Openfire update the cache.

Thank you.