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About the Spark translation (korean)

I have a question about translation to korean.

I already finished translate to korean. attached file on this article.

But when I appy to the i18n folder and I had a test about the application.

but I can’t see about the all of the character about the korean.

So I don’t know. How to do it

I used popey which is from the sourceforge. and I can see the all of the word of korean in that program.

How to do it?

Someone already translate to your own mother’s tongue. plz help me.

I attached capture file and properties file.
spark_i18n_ko.properties.zip (25135 Bytes)

It seems that you have attached the wrong file. There is only english translation inside. I’m not sure about Popey program. Maybe it doesnt convert file into unicode? You need to convert it after you translate the file. You can use ascii2unicode program. I’m doing translation via NetBeans and it automatically converts everything into unicode.