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About wildfire&PyMSNt

Who can show me a step-by-step instruction about how to integrate wildfire& PyMSNt on ms windows,and how to test whether the integration is ok?

thank you very much

Hi Jagie,

first of all teell me please wether you want everithing to run on a windows server e.g. win2k3 or if you want it to run on your workstation with windows 2k / xp-home / xp-professional.

then it would be rather simple to install everthing you need to get up an running your own IM-Server.


windows xp professional sp2,thank you

Here is a good link to check into. it provides very good instructions on how to setup the config files and get the different gateways running.




Jeff provided you with a very helpfull link to a thread where you can easily set up your system an get it running.

If you have any further problems so let me know.

Otherwise have a lot of fun with own messageserver