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Accept msn user "add contact" request automatically

Is there a way to do it? Seems msn does not have that feature. I want my application to integrate with msn.

There’'s no way I want to sit there and handle hundreds msn “add contact” request manually. Can smack API

with openfire (msn gateway) actually be able to handle it?

connection.getRoster().setDefaultSubscriptionMode(Roster.SUBSCRIPTION_ACCEPT_ALL does not work.

Similar problem to Yahoo messenger.

Well first off, why are you getting hundreds of add contact requests? Is that just a side effect of what your application does? (just that many people adding you fairly often)

I’'m guessing that this is a reference to the first-time registration events…?

I’‘ve gone back and forth between Py{AIM,MSN}-t gateways and the IM Gateway plugin that I can’'t really remember which behavior happens with which software, but I have seen this sort of behavior when I (re-)register account details using clients other than Spark (say, Psi or Adium, but not limited to just those).

My thought is that perhaps this is a job that can be easily handled by an extension to the Subscription plugin to allow it to automatically accept subscription requests from a list of trusted domains. I’'m not sure what the ramifications are, though, especially with regard to the gateway plugin.

Most likely that is the behavior you are seeing with PyAIMt and such. (it’‘s exactly one of the things I get to -avoid- doing by using the internals of openfire via the plugin ) When you connect via the IM gateway plugin, I look at your server side roster for say MSN for example. I then put those roster items -directly- onto your roster in Openfire, so there’‘s no asking. They’‘re just there. If someone adds you after the fact, then yes, you’‘ll get an auth request, but you shouldn’'t get it with your initial register or anything.

That’‘s probably true. I know I had to process all of my AIM contacts the last time I switched over from PyAIM-t to IM Gateway. However, I typically have 3-5 client sessions at any given time, and consequently it’‘s quite possible that those were simply queued from the last time I had switched to PyAIM-t… I leave that one connected 24/7, pretty much, and it’‘s on a machine without a display attached. Don’'t ask.