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Access control for services (MUC, User Search)

When running an Openfire implementation on the Internet with server to server support, is there a way to restrict what services remote users would have access to? For example restricting MUC or User Search so they are only accessible from local users while still allowing local users to use remote services and communicate with remote users.

ejabberd has per service access control settings, but I can’t seem to find anything comparable in OpenFire.

We have received similar question at our security mail list today. The requuester has found a workaround to use Packet Filter plugin to limit the access. Not sure if this will work with s2s. There are no other access restriction options in Openfire.

We are looking to do something similar as well with openfire. We are in the process of migrating from ejabberd to a clustered openfire configuration.

With our currently setup, we restrict our conference rooms by running conference.domain.tld on and the dns record also pointing to

I’ve attempted to set this up in a similar way, but I’ve had no success.