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Access control in openfire admin console

Hi All,

I have installed openfire webchat plugin. I am able to do my basic stuff here. I was able to create workgroups and queues. Here my need is to make one of the user(agent) as administrator for the workgroup and this user will have privilges to add new users in group and he/she will be able to see the reports related to work group through admin console. This user should not be able to add users in another work group and he should not be able to see reports for other groups. Do we have this provision in fastpath?



No. Neither Openfire nor Fastpath has support for role based administration via Admin Console. You would have to give full admin access to workgroups managers.

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wroot is right…


We would like to sponsor this enhancement. if you are interested, can you please let us know your execution model, plan and approximate cost for this enhancement. Kindly send mail to my mail id suman.ravuri@walkingtree.in with your proposal.



I’m not a programmer. Don’t know anyone here either who would be willing to accept this task. Not many developers here.

Hi wroot,

Thanks for respsonse. Can you please guide me if there is a way to raise enahcement request in this regard, in this site or any other realted site?

Dear Community,

                      As mentioned in previous post, we would like to sponsor this enhancement,kindly send your proposals to my mail id suman.ravuri@walkingtree.in

As another option, we would like to do this ehancement and contribute it to community. But we are not sure of procedure we need to follow for this. Can you direct me the link where I can standards we need to follow to contribute.



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Well, i can file a ticket for this in http://issues.igniterealtime.org Though i think there was one about this, but i can’t find it right now.

I don’t think you will find anyone in this forum to do this. Unless you will be very lucky for some java programmer looking into this thread and taking your task. Probably you will have to look for a local java coder and hire it, or give this task to your developer unit, if you have such at your company.

We would be glad to accept your contribution (as a patch). There is no special requirements, especially if this is going to be a one time contribution. You can upload your patch here and it will be attached to the ticket in JIRA. If you wish to contribute more, we can arrange an account in JIRA for you. And later you can get an SVN access to upload your patches into codebase. Before that a few patches from you should be approved by someone in this community. A role-based administration is not a trivial patch, so it could take long time before someone fully reviews and tests it.

Has an issue been filed?

Why, are you willing to contribute a patch? Well, as i can’t find a previous ticket, i have filed a new one ( OF-622 ). Assigned it to me as nobody has time for this and i don’t want to bother them, but i’m not a developer. Looking forward to assign this to anyone who would want to take on this.

You should either leave it unassigned or simply not fill it in (then it will default to Guus and he can do whatever he wants with it).