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Access from internet


Hope you doing well…!! Please spare some of your valuable time.
I am actually new to openfire and xmpp world.

We are able to connect the openfire server through our intranet network. But the real users will login from internet, so can we connect through normal 5222 xmpp connection or do we need to setup http-bind?

Our architecture would be like internet->reverse proxy->load balancer -> openfire clusters.

Is http-bind and bosh is the same thing?

Please help…!! this for around 10000 users.


Of course you can connect through port 5222 if the port is open.

http bind and bosh are the same thing, yes.

Thank you for replying.

So what is the benefit of using http-bind.?

A browser-based client will typically use http-bind (XMPP over BOSH or WebSocket).


Or clients which have local firewall constraints, e.g. blocking port 5222, can switch to BOSH, e.g. if it’s served on port 80 or 443 which is usually not restricted.

Thank you very much, so we will open port 5223 and try.

Meanwhile, I have enabled http-bind from admin console and saved setting, but when I opened the setting again, it shown as disabled. And whien tested with gajim it showing http-bind disabled.

What could be the reason?

  1. You have chosen port < 1024 and Openfire service is not running with root (permissions).
  2. You have chosen port 80 and there is another app running on the server, usually a WebServer like Tomcat which uses the port already.


I have chosen default port 7070 and 7443, I am not clear about the permission u said.


hi please help,Openfire connection with load balancer F5