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Access Issue


I hope someone could give me some advise.

I installed Openfire on windows 2012. This OS is based on Hyper-V. The OS installed sql 2012, IIS, Apache and Java etc. I actually completed all the installation with no error. I can access control panel LOCALLY (remote desktop) through by admin account as well as the static IP address for this machine locally, ie. The server is hosted at ISP.

Now, the odd issue is that, I can not access the IP address remotely. I can confirm that I can access ip address with 80 port (IIS -, and 8080 port (Apache), but deos not matter what I do, I just can not access port 9090, webpage can not displayed. I have disable firewall with no luck, changed openfire.xml network interface, no success. Having been spending whole day, just can not make it work.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

I’d like to throw my 2 bits in on this. I’ve installed the v3.8.2 .deb on a Debian server (headless), and after fixing the exclusive bind to IPv6:9090 so that netstat shows it listening to, I still cannot access it from a remote box at the public IP. System is in the router’s DMZ, iptables rules for TCP acceptance on 9090 have been created.

I’ve yet to have the opportunity to try to hit it from the LAN, but will NOT, without massive and unnecessary GUI installation, be able to hit it from localhost.