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Access to the API of the IM Gateway Plugin

Is it possible now, or in the near future, that the API to the library powering the IM Gateway Plugin will be available in a documented package (i.e Getting Started, and a couple of multiple transport examples)?

I would like to directly use the IM Gateway functionality in my application without opearating a server.

Thanks in advance.


Howdy! It’s not currently built with folk writing their own plugins in mind. … sorta. I did build it expecting that to be a future plan. There’s a couple of things that I need to tweak before it can be there though. (Was planning that for 2.0, kind of a setup where you have plugins for the plugin lol) Anyway, there isn’t a published location of the gateway API, so you’ll need to build it yourself locally and reference it locally. Not real sure how to instruct you to do that. I’m not real up on proper javadoc generation yet. =) I did just move the gateway plugin so it’s a separate entity from openfire, and is built/worked on alongside openfire instead of in it. The main purpose of this is to make it so I can do some build-time tweaks as needed, and part of the eventual plan for being able to use the core gateway plugin as an API for our own plugins.

But all in all, I haven’t written docs or anything because it’s not really to a point where I consider it something to refer to as an API. However lots of people have written nifty transports for the IM Gateway plugin, and many of them even submitted them for inclusion in the actual plugin. =)

Thanks for the quick response!

I kinda figured as much … Openfire and Smack are great products, and i figured if the IM Gateway core were available as a package it would be “advertised” already.

We use Openfire here and just love it. And now I’ll be writing a headless client using Smack to allow sending simple IM messages from within my applicaton.

My goal is to send out a batch of about 1000-2000 very short IM’s (25 wds) to people over various transports (no chat - just Headline type messages).

I don’t want to killl anyone’s server doing this - especially AOL’s who can be real nasty with their “rate limiting”.

Other than sending out small subsets with a pause in between, I can’t think of any way to lessen the pain. Any insights?

Thanks for all the help!

Good luck with your plans! Looking forward to seeing the fruits.


Hrm. I’m not really sure what to suggest to you to not break rate limiting rules. I would almost recommend going about it in a different manner, but don’t really have a suggestion of you plan on breeching single protocol boundaries.

Thanks! I will contact AOL I think and ask them for suggestions re: their limits. I’ll let everyone know when I find out.

My focus has changed now to getting my Smack client to work over the Openfire IM Gateway that I have.

It Will Not (read: frustrated) talk to MSN or Yahoo.

In fact I can’t even get the Yahoo transport to log on in PSI – the UserId is correct. it’s active in the Gateway, but it just won’t come online.

I have a post about this in another discussion here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/31560

I would appreciate any help over there.