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Accessible online?

Ive been using wildfire for some time now for employees to communicate with each other, but we have extended our network for administration which effectively means that any computer on the administration network is on a completely different network to our internal network.

At the moment only computers on the internal network appear to be able to access our wildfire server, is there a way i can sort of broadcast it over the internet so that any computer can access it, this would also come in handy for employees working from home.

Any help is much appreciated.


You just have to allow access to port 5222 of the machine running the Wildfire server from a public IP address, and set up an SRV entry for the XMPP network host name to point to the correct machine (_xmpp-client._tcp.).

Everything apart from that depends on your server setup and is unrelated to XMPP.

sorry i’'m not very familiar with most of what you described, would it be possible for you to go into a little more detail,


sorry this still isn’'t resolved, any further help, thanks


do you have a LAN and a DMZ with some firewalls or how is your network setup?

Clients use port 5222 to connect to Wildfire, so there should be no problem to connect to Wildfire if you open the firewall.