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Accessing openfire server via spark and other 3rd party mobile application

Hi, we’ve successfully setup our openfire server, so it has been running ok. The company’s CEO decided to asks us to setup a mobile application (opensource) so that users are able to access the openfire server as well thru mobile. We’ve decided to use Astrachat for Apple Iphone and xabber for Android phones.

My issue is everytime a user sends a message whether thru pc or mobile, the recipient which has mobile app and pc (Spark) and currently both online, the first receiver will be the mobile app and the message won’t be delivered on to the PC (Spark). I mean Sender A sends a message and instead of receiving the message by Receiver A, Receiver A only receives the message via mobile Application (Astrachat) instead of receiving both on Astrachat and receiver’s pc (Spark)

Is there a way to sync (if this is the right term) or let both online applications receive the message.



You can try using route.really-all-resources setting in Openfire. It might work for you (though maybe not in all cases). But that’s not a real sync as explained here Explanation: message synchronization between clients