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AccountManager createAccount - how to set FullName?

Hello… This seems so simple, I don’‘t know what I’‘m missing… I’'m successfully able to create accounts on the server (JiveMessenger2.0.1), but for some reason I can never set the name property (that would show up on the admin console)

HashMap myMap = new HashMap();

myMap.put(“name”,“John Doe”);



Doing this creates the account OK, the email address shows up in the admin console, but the name doesn’‘t… I’'ve tried setting the following:







… with no luck.


Hey James,

Messenger supports two ways for registering users. You can do it by filling the registration fields (like you were doing it) or you can fill out the included data form inside the Registration. The version of Messenger that you are using is ignoring the “name” element so you cannot set the name of the user. The only way you can set the name is by filling out the data form or you can download the newest version of Messenger (i.e. tomorrow’'s nightly build version) and try the method that you are currently using.


– Gato