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I am trying to delete an account on jabber.org, but can’‘t seem to do it. I don’'t get an XMPPException - it appears as though it deleted. After, however, I can still log in.

Is it just because jabber.org doesn’'t support deleting accounts?



Can you paste in the exception and the XML log? I’'m not sure what the jabber.org server supports, though.


Huh, I guess it did delete. It took a while, though, after I called delete. Probably about 10 minutes, and the entire time I was able to log in and out. I guess it just takes the server a little time to sync.

Thanks Matt.


I’'ve seen the same thing Adam.

It seems to take jabberd a little while to actually delete it.

Maybe you guys should be using a better server like Jive Messenger.

Nice plug

Didn’'t notice ''till now you had a free 10 user version of Messenger. I will definitely give it a try.

Take care,