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I can’t make new account when I click on accounts nothing happens. I’m using Windows 7 on parallel 7. I can’t login keeps saying login invlaid user name or password everything is right. IP is right. I think guys should make it were we can make new spark user names on your webiste not just Spark Im. I have delted and reinstalled Sparking many times. nothing works. And I have seen this happen for very long time. lets update the website and spark fix these problems?

did you add your account on openfire?

no I did not?

u could not login into openfire server??

try right click on openfire and run as admin

@Justin - are you trying to use Spark with the igniterealtime.org openfire server (the one hosted by igniterealtime.org) or are you trying to login to your own installation of openfire?

For the community’s openfire server, you can simply run Spark, then on the Spark login screen thre is a button in the bottom left that says Accounts. click it, type in the xmpp.igniterealtime.org server/host, then a new unique username and password, and click Create. Then login with that information.