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Active Directory and Jive Messenger: plans for supported integration?

First, let me start by saying what a great piece of software I think Jive Messenger is. I’'ve used three or four flavors of open source servers with Jabber support, and JM is by far the best.

But, I’'m at a bit of a crossroads. I absolutely need to have Active Directory supported in order to prevent my boss from forcing us to move to MS LCS. So my question is when are we going to have “full” integration? To me that means ALL of the following are true:

  1. The ability to authenticate against AD. ( I can alreay do this).

  2. The ability to populate an organization-based roster by using a group defined in AD. (All of my attempts have failed, or failed to stick across time).

If someone has done this and had it work in a production environment, please detail the steps. If this has yet to be achieved, can anyone on the development team remark on where this integration fits in the overall set of priorities for Jove Messenger?

Let me start by saying I agree, excellent peice of software…

Now for your concerns:

I have gotten JM 2.3.0 Beta 2 (one of the nightly builds) to pull a great deal from Active Directory. My groups are loading better, and the ldap vcard support works great… The only problem I see remaining (and it seems to be with LDAP only) is my shared roster groups don’‘t seem to be sent out to all of the clients properly… My client (Exodus has always seemed to be fine (sometime my presences doesn’'t get updated properly), but my assistants client (also exodus was not getting the full shared group (some people would show up but not others) so I found that by going into the JM admin console and taking the group out of shared roster and then adding it back on forces the group to show up properly on all of the clients (sometimes after two or three tries)…

So although I don’'t think JM is there all the way I have seen great improvment since I moved from 2.2.0 to 2.3.0 (Nightly build)… I know this does not answer your question but I hope it gives you hope as it has me…

If i’'m not mistaken, there are quite a few posts regarding this. Jive can authenticate against an LDAP directory.