Active directory and openfire


On the begin i want to say “Sorry for my english” if you will have any problems with reading my post

I have read every singel post in this forum about connecting openfire and active directory and still i can’t made it correctly.

Every time a have this same problem:

No users were foud using the specified configuration. Try changing the base DN, user filter or username field.

Here are my settings:

Server type: Active Directory

Host: port: 389

Base DN: dc=int,dc=XXX,dc=pl

Administrator: XXX\domain_administrator_login

Because I want to find all users in my AD what are memberOf group “Jabber” i wrote “dc=int,dc=XXX,dc=pl” without “oc=” is that correct? I saw this in another topic and I tried this same.

Mapping group:

Username Fields: sAMAccountName

Search fields: (empty)

User filter: (memberOf=CN=Jabber,ou=Users,dc=int,dc=XXX,dc=pl)

I’m trying now only in Users folder because my tree of OC in AD is very big and complicated.

Users “folder” is first in the tree after

I think that problem is in *User fielter *bacuse when i leave this empty or only with (objectClass=organizationalPerson) is working corectly but i dont want to create accounts for all 6000 users in AD.

I made for tests user in oc Users “testowyyy” and I added him to “Jabber” group. Jabber group is in this same OC (users) and have settings:

Global - Security.

Every time when im using user filter with memberOf i dont see any users and i have this same error what is in top.

What am i doing wrong?

Have you tried simplifying your filter?