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Active Directory and Wildfire

I’'ve read every forum thread and am unable to get AD-Wildfire integration to work. I didnt know anything about AD before i started working on this.

I am able to connnect to AD with the settings below using LDAPBrowser from http://www.ldapbrowser.com/

Here is my config

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I’'ve been out of Wildfire for a while working on other projects, but I believe the LDAP debug tag is . Try using that and then look at your debug logs in the Admin Console.

I changed the debug line. I still do not get any info in the logs about failing to connect to ldap or anything.

Change your adminDN to this

Changed the adminDN, but it still doesnt work.

Any idea how i can get debug information? I have debuging msgs turned on, but it appears the ldap stuff does not generate any errors.

You have to enable global debug logging as well. In the Admin Console, go to Server > Server Manager > Logs. Click the Debug tab and enable debug logging.

Tried it. I still cant see anything in the logs about ldap

Need to restart server after toggling debug log settings. Otherwise can’'t see logs. And the ldap logs are not in the admin console but rather in the main screen.

Well, you said can’'t work, does that mean you are just not able to get the users or so?

Maybe the connection is correct[/i] but Wildfire simply finds no users. Are you sure there are users exactly in your baseDN (and not some OUs beneath it)?

This is a shot in the dark…but did you remove the commenting?

Try changing:

This should work

Are you able to get into the console?


didn’'t see that Phloryde had gotten here first on this…

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