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Active Directory help needed

Dear all!

I don’t know much about the active directory so I obviously need help with the AD Base DN and Administrator DN.

Actually, I’m successful in connection settings test, but later in user mapping I get no user account for testing.

Our structure of AD is:

MyCompany.local domain


MyBusiness organizational unit


Users organizational unit


SBSUsers organizational unit

All actual users are placed in SBSUsers.

Please note that in SBSUsers there is no Administrator. He is located in (another) container Users which is placed directly in domain MyCompany.local. When I use Administrator for Administrator DN the connection test is OK. Using some (admin) account from SBSUsers the connection test doesn’t pass.

After reading several posts here on board I have tried several different Base DN settings, but none worked for me. Since I believe that the structure above is clear, please suggest me which are the correct base DN and administrator DN (btw: what is DN?).

Thanks in advance!


Since tree nesting in original post is not formated as I wanted please see attached picture.

my guess is that you have to start with only:

then try:

for base DN.

for admin DN use (some actual user in SBSUsers):


Do NOT use actual domain administrator ! Ordinary user will do the trick.

WOW, Milan! That works!

Except the administrator login - I needed to do it my way.

Now I have that “group” problem, but I’ll work on that later…

Thanks a lot!


do not use such a restrictive basedn as your groups are not in that OU. relax the baseDN and use filters to limit users.

Many thanks @sixthring. That solved also my problem with groups (not showing).