Active Directory Integration - Unable to see any users outside of Users OU

I’'m setting up Wildfire on a Windows 2003 server and integrating it with our active directory. It connects to the AD fine, however it seems to only be able to see users that are in the Users OU. Our Users are all within other Organizational Units. Under User mapping, if I leave the user filter blank it sees everything within the User OU, groups and users alike, and shows them all under the user portion of the user/group tab. I have tried the following filters. I have created a security group, with different users within it, and it still can only see the users that are within the User OU.


Here I tried a group within the Users OU, and it only saw the users that were members of the group, and in the Users OU.


Here I created a new OU and put the group within the OU, same result, only sees the users in the Users OU, not any in other OU’'s


This brings up only users, no groups, but still, only the users within the Users OU

Am I missing something somewhere? How do I get it to view users in other OU’'s?

try setting your BASE DN at a higher level where all users OU are accessible; and not at a specific users OU level.

Then try setting a users filter to pull the specific users you want to give access to.

Thank you! That is exactly what I needed to do.