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Active Directory Roster

I’m about to buy a commercial IM solution because I can’t solve a basic functional issue: automatic roster population.

Can I pay someone to add this feature?

I just want a dead simple user list that is identical to my Active Directory structure. There’s nothing new to create - just copy the AD structure.





Users should need training on recreating enormous lists. They should just log into the software and see the different office locations with users grouped under each.

Is this possible? If not, can I pay someone to add the feature?

Just checking back in to see if this functionality has been added. Is there a better way to have an auto-populated roster without manual intervention?

1- Create groups in Active Directory to mirror the structure you require and add their members (e.g CityA-Employees, CityB-Employees…etc).

2- In Openfire admin interface; go to Users/Groups tab > Groups sub tab > then select group summary.

3- Assuming your Active Directory settings are correct; you will find all your Active Groups listed in this section.

4- Choose the group you require to auto populate, and then check on Enable Contact List Group Sharing

5- Re-enter contact list group name in the text field then check on Share Group with additional users.

6- Keep All Users selected and then click Save Contact List Settings

you are done, and group has been populated to all users.

Hope this helps and fulfill your requirement.

Getting closer - I can successfully share and add the group to my client but it won’t automatically add the list of users to each others contacts (they still need to “add contact”).

I’m trying to avoid using “add contact” entirely - rosters need to be auto-populated in my environment because my users are non-technical and will otherwise not use IM.

Note: Offline users will not be shown by default. you need to mark a check box in the client for that (show empty groups, show offline contacts) and unmark ( group offline contacts).

I also recommend using Spark client.

also, a print screen of your config/clineent -if possible would be helpful