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Active Directory - Search Plugin - Pandion

Hi guys,

I’'m wondering if someone has had this issue before!!!

I have installed Jive Messenger on Server 2003. Configured and all seems to be working ok now, Except for one slight problem with the group search jive* {not the issue)…

Ths issue is with the search plugin for the IM client. When using Pandion the search feature works up until selecting “User Search” Service… Then when clicking NEXT I get the following “Internet Explorer Script Error”

An error occurred in the script on this page


Line: 656

Char 3

Error: Can’'t move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus.

Code: 0

URL: file://C:\Program Files\Pandion\src\adduser.html


However, if I use exodus IM client, the search feature works with no problems…

I don’'t believe it is an issue with pandion as I can use pandion on our old linux XMPP server and search openLDAP…

Does anyone have a thought on how to get it to work with pandion…we have hundres of PC’'s already with Pandion installed and it would be a pain to change them all to “exodus”…

Pandion VERSION = 2.1.1