Active Directory Setup

Ok I’m trying to set up Openfire on a Ubuntu 8.04 server to interact with my Win 2003 Active Directory server. Installed using the .deb from the download page.

When I run the test I’m getting an erro authenticating (I presume this means the problem is with the Administrator DN not the Base DN is this correct?)

for base DN I have <code> OU=One,DC=alpha,DC=CompanyName,DC=com </code>

for Administrator DN: I have <code> CN=CyberCowboy,OU=Users,OU=One,DC=alpha,DC=CompanyName,DC=com </code>

does anyone see anything wrong with this? I also am trying to find the system.out file that it is supposed to be logging to and can’t seem to locate with a <code> sudo find / -name System.out </code> where does this locate

The format for your Base and Admin DN look correct so you might just want to verify they are correct, I use ADSI edit to look up the DN’s. As for the logs, they should be in the /opt/openfire/logs directory but not called “system.out”.

Actually doing some more looking does the Administrator DN need to have full AD administrator rights? We are a division of our company and don’t have full AD Admin rights, but most everything that can be deligated to an OU group deligated… I don’t know if that will cause problems but I suspect it is my issue.

for my AD setup, any normal user works for ldap binding. Also for us, I have to use the format instead of a dn path.

Ok that worked for me, next question, I’ve named my chat domain schchat to prevent confusion with some other apps, their e-mail is to log onto the server do the put in user1@schchat or

You should just need to put in “user1” in the username field. Some IM clients need the full jid which would be “user1@schchat”