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Active directory user list

Ok, just setup openfire version 3.6.4 and are testing it cause we want to use it in our environmnet, need to get away from our old one, but anyway i am able to pulling in all the contacts from Active directory into the openfire admin counsole and i can search for all of them in spark, but what i want is for a list of the users to automatically populate every time you log into spark so my users will not have to add everybody manually can anybody provide me with a good walkthrough on how to do this or maybe explain what i might be doing wrong.

Thanks in advance

All you have to do is create a group within AD, add your users, and specify it in the Openfire console. Then, when your users log in, anyone that’s a part of that group will automatically populate within Spark. Hope that helps!

Thats kinda what i didnt do i need to specify this in my baseDN or ldap.groupsearch filter?

i added a group under global distribution and added users to it and still i get nothing under my group summary!

Yes, you need to add it to your baseDN. For example, I went with the standard OU=Users,DC=whateveryourdomainis,DC=com

Then under the Users OU, I created the group then went from there. Hope that helps!

OK thats what i though i do have that same setup except my users are seperated under an ou for departments so mine goes like ou=departments, dc=domanname, dc=local and my openfire admin counsel i setup a group global distribution group called SparkUsers and added users to that group but openfire doesnt seem to be pulling that group info into itself under group summery. It seems like i have the correct setup, but i must be missing some minor detail!

That is good information. I understand that you can create a group and add all users (Spark in my case) in that group. Is there a way to use filters in OpenFire to only look for accounts in specific folders. Here is my situation:

My ldap.Base.DN is:


Under this is an OU named ‘Editors’ and a Container named ‘Users’ .

I would like to pull accounts from both of these. Currently, OpenFire pulls accounts from everything under the top level. Reading some other posts, I think that creating filters is possibly an alternative to creating a new group in AD. Can someone verify this and possibly give me some pointers?

Figured it out had to trim down my basedn so it brought in all my groups instead of just my users

Thanks for your reply. I can do that as well, but I don’t want all that information. I only want Users (an OU) and Editors (a container). I assumed that filters in OpenFire would allow me to do that. It seems that our needs are similar, but opposite.

To tell you the truth i am pulling in way more information then i need, but its the only way i could get the groups to be pulled in im gonna play around with the filter alittle bit tomarrow and see if i cant chop down on some of the info i am pulling in!!