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Active Directory & vCards Config

I have been playing around with Wildfire 2.4.0, I have it working correctly with our Active Directory… But I would like for it to pull all of the Active Directory information for the user, and make this their profile settings. We are also using Spark 1.0.2 as the client also.





I just need direction on what the syntax and where it needs to be placed in the WILDFIRE.XML file. For the vCard-Mappings…

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Here is the vcard-mapping we use. Of course you can edit for style preferences and such, but I have found this to be quite nice

office: mobile: home:


Mind the extra “>” at the begining of the second line

This works for us with Wildfire 2.4.0 and Spark 1.0.2,using MS Active Directory.



p.s. If you plan to cut-n-paste; mind the extra “>” at the beginning of the 3rd line. Delete it before using.

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That is extremely strange. When I go to edit it, its not there. The forum must be trying to ‘‘fix’’ my code. Also, make sure you paste into a plaintext editor, but I guess that goes without saying

Yeah, definitely a bug in Jive Forums software

Can this code be placed anywhere inside of the Wildfire.xml? or does it have to be in the LDAP tags? or anything…

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The vCard mappings should be placed within the LDAP tags.



Thank you … I will give that a try…