Active Directory vs. Manual Creation of accounts

I’ve been reading around and I can’t find what the pros and cons of creating user accounts manually would be as opposed to letting Active Directory populate them for me. Can anyone tell me what the differences would be and if one would be better than the other?

The obvious pros are that you don’t have to create users manually in Openfire and just take already existing AD users, so you don’t have to make another manual creation, manage additional passwords, manage users in groups, etc.

Cons are that this can be tricky. If you read through the forums, there literally tons of threads about some issues with AD integration. I have tested such setup myself once nad decided that this is not worth for me to dive into all this complex stuff of filtering users, using LDAP filter syntax, configuring SSO, etc. I spend additional minutes to create a user and manage it and it just works for 5 years withut a problem.