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Active Directory - Web login OK, Client Login NOT

Hi There,

I am having trouble setting OpenFire up with Active Directory.

I can log in to the web admin tool with my domain account & see a list of users in AD.

I can’'t get my IM client to connect.

Am I missing something with my config?

Do I need to set a specific group in AD?

Can someone give me a pointer to a good how-to?

Many thanks in advance.

I can probably help you. (But I am a n00b)

This sounds like an issue with the SPARK client config, have you tried:




Click advanced,

Uncheck auto-detect


Click OK and connect

I had some initial issues with my DNS being a bit screwey, so for testing, use IP

If IP works, ping your servername (NETBIOS name) Basic DNS T-shoot.

If you got linked to AD and your users show, you have completed the hard part.

Good luck

The Timmy

Many thanks,

This pointed me in the right direction. We were using the Pandion client, not Spark.

Pandion needed a login as user@server

Spark is more user friendly, as it just needs a username in the user field.

I found that Spark seems a nicer app, so we switched.