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Active Directory

I’m in the process of setting up the ldap connection with Active Directory. I went through all the prompts and all the test worked fine. I then added an admin account and tested that with my AD username and password and that worked. However now I’m trying to login into the admin console but I can’t get logged in. I keep getting this message…

Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you’re an admin or moderator.


Here are the results when I tested my username as an admin account so it seems like the ldap is configured properly.

Test: Administrator Settings

Status: Authentication Successful!

Specified username and password are valid. Close this test panel to continue.

With more testing, I can log into the Spark client with my AD accounts. The only thing I can’t do is login into the Admin Console with the AD account that I specified in the setup.

In the openfire program folder there is another folder cal Conf. There is a file here called openfire.xml. Is the admin name list here? Also is it list as just the username (i.e. <authorizedUsernames>johnd,janed</authorizedUsernames>)?

Yes it is listed here as the just the username.

Are you using any user filters that would exclude that account from access the site? What OS is the server running on?

No I didn’t set any filters and I’ve tried multiple AD accounts. It’s on Windows server 2003 Standard. I also had the same problem when I hosted it on my XP machine.

Also I’m using the same account to login into Spark that I’m trying to use to login to the admin console. It is working fine logging into Spark.

What did you name the openfire server when configuring the software? Is it the same as the servers Fully Qualified Domain Name? That is important. If it is not I would re-install. Name the server what ever the full name is in your AD DNS server.

I originally just put the name of the server. Does it make sense to just put in the IP address of the server?

You really should use the FQDN, as advanced features like SSO will require it to work. It may also be the cause of your current woes.

my guess is http://chat:9090 will not resolve via DNS. Try http://localhost:9090.

I completely reinstalled and went through the setup again but that didn’t work. I’m still having the same problems. This seems really weird since I can log into Shark with AD account and all of the testing of the LDAP connectivity worked great when I went through the setup.

FYI… I got this working. Turns out the username is case sensitive and I was using the wrong case.