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Active Directory

I am using openfire 3.8.2 and I do not think the active directory intergration is working corectly.

My active directory domain is setup as the following.


Base DN:OU=Company,DC=cp,DC=ad,DC=kohls,DC=com

user are stored in ou=company

I have setup Authentication with the following

Administrator DN:cn=admin@cp.ad.company.com,OU=Company,DC=cp,DC=ad,DC=kohls,DC=com

I am getting javax.naming.AuthenticationException: [LDAP: error code 49 - 80090308:

error in openfire when adding an administrator. I have left all other settings to default.

did u try use cn=admin,OU=Company,DC=cp,DC=ad,DC=kohls,DC=com

you can check check “ADSI edit” how is everything named in your AD

I tried use AD domain administrator located in one cantainers but it failed i had to use Administrator account. With java failed u have to restart your whole openfire service once more, i had similar issue and after restart openfire again evething works

Not sure if punctuation matters, but ours is set like this:

ldap.baseDN ou=“ourorgunit”,dc=“ourdomain”,dc=“com”

ldap.adminDN cn=“user”,ou=“ourorgunit”,dc=“ourdomain”,dc=“com”

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