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ActiveDirectory issues


I setup openfire in many company’s with success. Working with openldap without any problems. This time with active directory it seems that I have no chance.

Now, I try to setup it and beside the length restriction problems (http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/234081#234081) and beside I never get an answer of any question in this community since 5 years, I really like this products.

My problem now is, that I just receive 469 users in openfire, there is a problem somehow. There should be above 700 users.

I got no exception, no hint in debug information, no hint in tcpdump. A ldapsearch is working fine and the search filter are fine too.

What also doesn’t work is the “test configuration option” during setup ldap. It’s weird but I know from earlier installations that there should be a popup with a list of users my configuration should show up.

In fact I can’t use openfire when there aren’t all users in the system. Any equal problems? Any hint?

Thanks in advance