ActiveDirectory Troubles

I am new to OF so please be kind.

Installed OF on Win2k3 server. Using LDAP - AD. I am having trouble during setup on “Profile Settings: User Mapping”

My AD hostname is mailserv

I have the AD settings on OF setup like this:

Base DN: cn=CompanyName Users;ou=Administration;dc=companyname.local

Administrator DN: cn=Administrator;cn=Users;dc=CompanyName;dc=local

This passed the test.

User Mapping cannot find users. Is this because we have our users in the OU CompanyName Users?

Inside CompanyName Users we have groups for each department and those groups have the user as members.

Am I missing something here? Do I need to specifiy the OU for each department?

Quick Layout of our AD

Server: mailserv --> CompanyName.local --> CompanyName Users --> Department ID --> users (1495 Bytes)

Your baseDN should not have a cn= in it it need to be ou=something,dc=domain,dc=com

Your adminDN should be fine but can also use the structure domain\username or

Yep, that did it.

Thanks a lot!