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AD 0 members in Groups Issue

I have an AD security Group called “wildfire”. Within that group I have Users and Groups as members. I am able to display all the users and the groups. But for some reason in the groups summary I am seeing 0 members. Can anyone assist me in this?

Version: 3.2.2

Base DN: dc=company,dc=local

Username Field: sAMAccountName

Userfilter: ((objectCategory=Person)(memberOf=CN=wildfire,ou=company Security Groups,DC=company,DC=local))

Group Feild: cn


Group Search Filter: ((objectCategory=Group)(memberOf=CN=wildfire,ou=company Security Groups,DC=company,DC=local))

The only thing I do different is that my groupSearchFilter uses objectClass instead of objectCategory:

((objectClass=Group)(memberOf=CN=wildfire,ou=company Security Groups,DC=company,DC=local))

I changed my groupsearchfilter to use objectClass but still the group is empty when it suppose to have 2 users.

Try putting an ampersand in the beginning of your groupSearchFilter:

(&(objectClass=Group)(memberOf=CN=wildfire,ou=company Security Groups,DC=company,DC=local))

Note: the forum tends to jack up “&” chars when you put them into code segments. The raw string should just have a “&” instead of “&”.

Just tried and I am stilling seeing 0. Does it take a while to populate?

It’'s possible that Wildfire is caching the results. In the server settings, look under the Cache Summary section and clear out all caches.

Tried that and nothing.

So, you see users listed on the User Summary page, and you see groups listed on the Group Summary page, right?

The groups that are members of the Wildfire security group, do they have members? Your users must be members of the Wildfire group and members of the other groups as well. So, if you have these groups:



Human Resources

User1 would need to be a member of the Wildfire group to get access to jabber, but he would also have to be a member of the Accounting group (in Active Directory) in order to show up in Wildfire as a member of the Accounting group.

I do have it setup that way . I have a user who is a member of Wildfire and a member of the IT Security Group, the “IT Security Group” is a member of wildfire.

Here is a interesting thing.

I removed the user and the “IT Security Group” from the group “Wildfire”. I then cleared all the cached and verified that the user and group wasn’'t listed in the admin console. I then added back the user and the “IT security group” to be members of the “Wildfire” group. The user is being listed but in “Group Summary” the “IT Security Group” is not even listed anymore.

So I restarted the service and now I see “IT Security Group” but it is still has 0 memebers.

I figured out my problem.

I Change “Member Field” from “members” to “member”. Plural to single.

Go figure.