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AD - 2500+ users


I have openfire 3.9.3 / windows server 2008r2 / mysql and many many groups and users.


I in AD have 2500+ users. OpenFire doesn’t want to show more than 1000 users.

And also groups the containing more than 1000 users, too don’t work absolutely.

It is necessary for me what all users - saw all other users. One general group (AD\All Domain users).

Dear Amiko,

i have the same problem pleas can you share your email id.

try adding the follow

This should enable paging support:

Go to Server::Server Manager::System Properties::Add new property
Property Name: ldap.pagedResultsSize
Property Value: 1000

Restart openfire



If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to changed the MaxPageSize policy for AD to suit your needs.

ldap policy: set MaxPageSize to 3000

ldap policy: show values

MaxPoolThreads 4

MaxDatagramRecv 4096

MaxReceiveBuffer 10485760

InitRecvTimeout 120

MaxConnections 5000

MaxConnIdleTime 900

MaxPageSize 1000*(3000)***

MaxQueryDuration 120

MaxTempTableSize 10000

MaxResultSetSize 262144

MaxNotificationPerConn 5

MaxValRange 1500

ldap policy: Commit Changes

ldap policy: q

Ntdsutil.exe: q

Disconnect dc.werrtr.org

In USERS tab, i see now all users.

In groups - dont work this.