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AD Administrator Rights

We have a 90 day password change policy. When I change my AD admin password, Wildfire breaks. Then I have to remember why, and edit the wildfire.conf file. What are some solutions to this?

What are the minimum privileges that the admin must have on Active Directory? I may be able to create one solely for Wildfire, with limited privileges, whose password doesn’'t expire.

Is there a way for Wildfire to detect the new admin password?


I didn’'t read the current LDAP documentation, former versions (and maybe the current one) did not write to LDAP, so a read-only account was fine. This may be still the case of can you change your vCard/Avatar?


The wildfire account can be any normal account on the AD (which would have read access)

Wildfire treats LDAP as Read-Only

You can set the password ‘‘never expires’’ for that account and that should work well

You can even go as far as creating a user and joining him to the Guest group in AD and removing domain users. I have to caution you however, depending on how secure your AD is that may not work, but try it might be worth it.

Domain Guests works. I couldn’'t set Guests as primary.

Thanks for the great Ideas.