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AD domain as username qualifier

Does anyone know how to configure Openfire to allow both FOO\mparker and BAR\mparker? I currently get a ‘non-unique username’ error.


I’m assuming that you are using AD for the user integration. If your basedn only covered BAR then you might be FOOed. Otherwise I think I saw something about the NT auth mode while looking for one of my problems. Unfortunately I don’t think it has hosted here so you may need to do a bit of digging.


Thanks for your response. I don’t think NT auth mode is what I’m looking for. The Openfire LDAP code doesn’t know what to do when it finds more than one of a username when that user logs in, so it throws an exception. I’m hoping that someone can address that, or point me to a JIRA ticket.

Just thinking about it (I don’t have a config I can test with) but what host name does the service have? If it is based on the FOO domain then FOO\user should be able to log in with just user but BAR\user may need to login with user@BAR.local .

Have you confirmed that you can see both FOO\user and BAR\user when testing the ad connection?

Just wildly geussing as I don’t know what would happen but have you tried setting you basedn to dc=,dc= ? Or in the user search filter.

It would be interesting to see what you can get to work.