AD-fed roster not populating for some users

Our client roster is automatically populated by Wildfired 2.6 through an LDAP connection to Active Directory. We have one group listed in the user search filter and in the group search filter, so you have to be a member to sign in AND you get the list populated to your roster. I have maybe 30 people using it right now in a first phase of deployment. Out of that crowd, we’‘ve had isolated individuals who are allowed to sign in (proof of group membership) but do not see anyone in their rosters. When I add those individuals to my own roster, they show up in a General listing outside the auto-populated group. We’'re up to three so far, out of some 30-odd people.

Has anyone else seen this or a fix for it?

Lots of views, not one response. I’‘ve got users who are online in our rosters, but see no one online in their own. I sent the guy a message, which he got, and his client says I’‘m Offline. He replied, and I got it. He and I are department mates and in the same AD group that’‘s required for IM access. What is the apparent set of restrictions or guidelines for people being able to show online, see others online, etc? This is becoming a serious deal-breaker and a nuisance all the way up to my CTO. What’‘s unfortunate is that I won’'t even be able to sell them on Wildfire Enterprise if the OS model gives us this much trouble.


I think this bug is fixed in 3.0.1 version of WildFire