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AD groups and its purpose

Hello brand new user to the board. iI installed openfire today with no issues except the AD groups integration.

I am not sure what the purpose behind that is?

On the admin it shows all my users with in an OU I have specified.

I do have groups with in that but they are not showing up. Even if they did what purpose would this serve?

For the group part of the XML file I pretty much left it default but received an error when testing.

Not sure what is wrong. So I need to put a group name in there? Very good product enjoying it a bunch.

Also are the groups supposed to be distro groups or security group?

In my deployment, I use Universal distro groups, and I point to the GC, this way I can span domains within my forest. To LDAP there is no difference in distro and security groups, so Wildfire/Openfire can leverage either one, Microsoft on the other hand does do things differently with the groups.

Also keep in mind not to nest groups.

The purpose of AD groups is to show them in the roster of your client like Spark. This way your users can be predefined in AD and show up in Spark. In the Admin Console you will have to “publish” the group, but once complete, it does work well.