AD groups not showing in Group Summary


I have only just got Openfire to work with my AD setup. Now showing users that belong to a specific
Security group in AD:

((objectClass=organizationalPerson)&(memberOf=CN=OPENFIRE_users,OU=OPENFIRE,dc=m ydomain,dc=uk))

However, I want users that access SPARK to be presented with a group that contains users from:

((objectClass=group))&(memberOf=CN=OPENFIRE_Groups,OU=OPENFIRE,dc=mydomain,dc=uk ))

When in Openfire Group Summary; if I search for the group it says there is one group found, but NOTHING is displayed. There are similar posts but have not yet found a solution.

Thanks for your help.


Fixed. Rebooted server and now ALL my AD groups show up . Also edited Group filter to:


OK now