AD Groups

After searching for my ad group and clicking on it, openfire just seens to hang, although it appears its trying to do something, nothing happens???

actually, it eventually came back, not sure if its due the the pure number of groups that come back??? I still cant get a group filter to work, even when I try like xxx* instead of just cn=*???

one other thing, now that I actually got to enable a contact list, and i hit save, its taking forever to save that

The more groups you have the longer it takes to save the shared groups. I am surprised your group filter is not working correctly. Lets assume all your groups reside somewhere under your baseDN because they have to, lets also assume the all begin with Chat. Your group filter should then be:


That worked, I was using that kind of wildcard, but still point @ a particular OU as to where to search for groups. One other question, why dont I see all the members in each group, when looking @ the groups in openfire

You definitely should see the members, however if there are nested groups (groups as members of groups) this has been know to cause issues. You may also need to restart the server after getting all the filters set correctly.

these are not nested groups, the weird thing is, in some groups i see a bunch of members, in others none, and in others just 1 user??? and for those with none or one, there are more