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AD integrated profile pictures

I have the following setting in my properties for AD LDAP but the pictures from AD are still not coming over to Spark profiles.

image/jpeg {jpegPhoto}

What will refresh the profiles for my users (only about 70)?

The AD values are not pulled inmediately. Changes should appear over time. A way to “force” a refresh would be to reboot the server. You can also simply lower the lifetime of the ldap cache and wait a bit.

By the way, in Active Directory, there’s two different values for storing pictures. One is thumbnailphoto and the other is jpegPhoto. Check if you’re storing the pictures in the value you’re calling on Openfire.

I’m storing the values in thumbnailPhoto (didn’t check that before) because that is what Outlook and other Microsoft products pull from. Will Openfire pull from this if I change it?