AD integration with OpenFire 3.5.2

I have a Win 2000 Adv. Server running with latest patches. I tried to

install Openfire 3.5.0 and I wanted AD integration, I did it in the past with a 2003

server and everything worked perfectly. However on Windows 2000 Adv. Server I

cannot pass from the setup on AD information details.

The problem: when testing the account to authenticate I get the following


Test: connection settings

status: Error

Erro authenticating with LDAP server. Check supplied credentials

This question has been asked before but I can not find the answer.

can you provide more specifics on the configuration you are using:



Screenshots of each step would be nice.

authentication should be well:



has no secret just be correct with ip of the AD

the adminDN can be in any of these forms:

domain\username where domain is the pre-windows 2000 name for your domain


It does not mater which style you use. They are all valid.