AD-LDAP and setup trouble after upgrading to 3.1.0 from 3.0.1

Hi all, just wanted to see if I could get some help here. I have a single Wildfire server deployment for about 300 users, usually less than 90 on at any given time. I had LDAP to my AD server setup via wildfire.xml in 3.0.1. When I upgraded to 3.1.0 (Red Hat 9 and used the rpm version, did rpm -U wildfire_3_1_0.rpm) and went through the setup again, I successfully tested the LDAP - Active Directory settings. Once I get to the “Add an administrator” screen, whenever I type in an LDAP name, it doesn’'t confirm nor does it seem to do anything else.

Thoughts? Anyway that I can roll the install back while I work through this?

Are you stuck there or can you blow by it?

If you can get by it and get wildfire running, you can edit the wildfire.xml file manually and add an admin account manually…

Stuck at the screen, otherwise, I would just get it running and then edit wildfire.xml. I’‘ve got it working on a different server, so I’'m just going to get it working there, I think. Seems to be the most logically way to go about it at this point.

Kind of off on a different tangent now. Trying to figure out a way to easily filter out all of our computer and service accounts from the roster. Anyone have any suggestions?

This is what we use…





There are probably other variations you can use.

Whenever I edit wildfire.xml and then restart it, it kicks me back through the setup after it’'s restarted, regardless if the the setup is true or false. Am I doing something fundamentally wrong here?

I’‘ve seen that happen when there’'s an XML syntax error somewhere.

Try opening the xml in IE and see if it parses.