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AD Ldap rosters

I spent all day Friday getting Jive to authenticate against our AD domain, and finally got it working. When I go to the “User/Groups” section of the web interface, I try to create a shared roster. No matter what group I try to add, I get the error “Group already exists”.

I checked all the logs and can’'t find any pointers to a group add error. I also checked the forums and noticed several other people have had the same problem, but no resolution yet.

Is anyone else aware of this issue?

I believe that when u use LDAP it will also pull the group names and populate the Group rosters in Jive with the same group settings in AD.

Try adding a group name that doesn’'t already exist in your AD and see if that error comes up again.

Also, you may want to add the group filter tag into your ldap settings to filter out which groups Jive will populate.

I was initially having problems with the group filters. In this case I only need one group, which I specify in the BaseDN field in jive-messenger.xml

When I view the users/group summary, I can see all the users of that group. Do I need to use a higher level BaseDN and use groupFilter to get the group setup correctly?

Thanks for all your help.

I was having this issue before too. I created an LDAP group and added the 20 or so users I needed to test the Jive and Exodus I setup. But if I tried to add another test group i got the “Group already exists” error. After I went to 2.3.0 the error disappeared.

But I am having issues with rosters. I have 3 groups setup and if I go to group summaries I can see their members but I want the exodus clients to share the roster of everyone in that group. It’‘s shared for each group but when I go to the exodus client, I don’'t see any rosters or contacts. Am I doing something wrong on the exodus side?

I hope my question is similar to yours yewnicks, I don’'t want to hijack it.