Ad ldap user mapping error

dear all,

i have win2k3 domain+ldap running and openfire 3.5.2 configured perfect.

all AD users are able to login into spark 2.5.8 but none of them are able to see other Online group/Online Users. but Online users are shown in Admin Console in openfire 3.5.2

more can be found in this attachment. IM USER is an OU which contains two security groups. Users are under Users itself.

i am completely new to scripting/coding to troubleshoot with.

i am very badly looking for your assistance.

thanks in advance

manohar bhat

First I am going to point out some things you should change with your AD config.

  • I would rename IM Users to IMusers. Just because Microsoft allows spaces does not mean you should. LDAP is an internet protocol and spaces and non-standard characters should not be used. This applys to usernames and group names as well.
  • Your user accounts should not be left in the Default Users container. This is not an OU and cannot be the target policies or other advanced features of AD. You should create a new OU to house the user accounts. That OU can have multiple sub OUs to further organize the users. See my attachment.

Users are not automatically added to the rosters of the client. To do this you must share one of your AD groups from within the Openfire admin site. Go to the Users/Groups tab, choose groups, find the group you want to share, click its name, give it a share name (can have spaces), set the scope, save, repeat as needed.

hey, thanks for your reply.

i did the changes as you informed but didn’t worked out.

more than thatfater, i did some changes to openfire.xml file everything got screwed up.

could you describe the same changes to be made in openfire.xml format?